Digital Transformation in Banks: Why Dime Connect is Worth Considering

Digital Transformation, an actively discussed topic has been changing the game of innovation since the 90s, which gained popularity in the corporate in 2013. Allowing companies of different industries to have digital technology associated with their own internal processes, operational tools and components. Telecom, Aviation and IT companies are only few of industries embracing digital transformation as part of their operations improving Customer Service, internal communications and processes- transforming the whole organization itself.  

How about the Banking sector? Though can be seen with massive potential, some banking companies in the Philippines are not yet fully informed about how they can and should transform through embracing digitization.  

Ways Digital Transformation Affects the Banking Industry

Why Dime Connect is Worth Considering 

Dime Connect, the new social communication platform offering quick, real-time communication and collaboration for secured and swift execution of banking operations.  

Increased Data Security.  

Dime Connect, with ISO 27001 Certification ensures effective and safe exchange of messages and file attachments using end-to-end encryption. Send text, video and banking file documents without the team worrying in data breaches.  


Improved Banking Processes 

Dime Connect transforms the norm. Reduce cost in printed bank documents and risk-causing emails. Improve Payments, Internal and Customer transactions making the organization more productive, efficient and digitized.  


Intensified Customer Service 

Answer inquiries real-time. Broadcast Banking campaigns and announcements to your earnest clients as easy as possible. Communicate with customers without them needing to wait for their queue numbers to be announced. These, and much more to enhance customer experience.  


Enhanced Internal Communication  

With today‚Äôs changes brought about by digital transformation, Banking Industries feel the pressures of speeding-up. This, can be achieved with optimized collaboration and better communication. Resolve issues, respond to internal inquiries faster thus foster healthier working environment with Dime Connect.  


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