SDK Basics in a Nutshell


Be it an eCommerce platform that sells anything, or you might be offering non-tangible services as an online gaming platform or financial solutions. Whether your business is product or service-oriented, realize the usefulness of unique and standardized communication 

Speed up communication, make your business transparent and reliable. How would you do it? For businesses, it’s somehow hefty to build its own communication channel from scratch. Look around and you’ll find in-app messaging solutions offered by SDK providers, suited for your needs.  

 Here are the basics that one must look for before finally choosing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for your business. 


Simple and Easy to Deploy. A Software Development Kit must be easy to deploy with full support provided during the integration. With ensured simplicity, must be easy to understand and use especially by non-developers.  Make sure to utilize as few parameters as possible, use only those that is required to get a specific function applied but do not over-simplify and integrate multiple functions into a single parameter unless they are related. 

Customizable UIBuild an in-app messaging platform that appeals to the visual sensibilities of your visitors. Find an SDK provider that allows customization in order for you to meet your user’s aesthetic standards- how it looks, the icons and graphics used which, must reflect your brand and the service you offer. It is also advisable to look for a messaging feature with documentation for online activity status, typing indicator and read and unread feature and other possible.  

Various Message Types to Enjoy and OfferExpect that digital natives will always crave for more ways to connect than just sending out and receiving plain text messages. On your in-app messaging package, make sure you are granted other forms of communicationinclude voice messaging feature on your messaging platform 

The availability to do voice calling and voice recording, message broadcast, sticker integration and secured instant messaging and calls through end-to-end encryption should also be included in your package. 


Your SDK must be aware and ensure that the widest possible scope of users must be able to utilize the service. Require a User Guide, this can help non-developer users not only understand what Software Development Kit is, but also learn and familiarize its complexities.  


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